Parental Issues for New & Experienced Parents

Every parent, no matter how old the child, knows that parenting is downright hard.  I love helping parents maneuver the emotional and sometimes overwhelming challenges of parenthood.  I work with parents to:

  • Discover some of the easiest, most powerful parenting tools
  • Learn how to keep kids from being mad at you
  • Uncover ways to help your child learn
  • Improve your ability to be present and truly enjoy interacting with your child

Family Therapy

Family is such an integral part of how we are shaped, and individual challenges in the family affect everyone in the home. Fortunately, family therapy is effective at helping families recover and grow through even the most difficult of challenges.  The following are some of the ways I help families regain strength and cohesion:

  • Address specific issues that are impacting the family unit
  • Improve troubled relationships with your children and/or partner
  • Learn how to strengthen relationships by changing unhealthy patterns of communication
  • Teach tools to create a sense of self and individuality, as well as understanding one’s integral role within the family


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